tically over. Not infrequently it happens that a beekeeper will experience a total failure in a locality where he has been situated for several years, when within a few miles there are neotar sources upon which he might draw, but of which he is in ignorance. A great many beekeepers do not come to realize this until they have established out-apiaries. A beekeeper who is depending upon hi6 bees as a source of considerable income should make a study of the regions about him, and by establishing a few colonies in a promising locality, he can get definite information as to the advisability of establishing an out-apiary. The honey-plants found in swamps should be identified and in some seasons may be more dependable than those in drier locations. In view of the fact that many beekeepers are constantly losing nectar that is abundant only a few miles away, is evidence of the fact that they do not know the honey and pollen plants of their region as they should. A proper knowledge of these plants together with the use of automobile trucks by beekeepers will probably lead to more migratory beekeeping than has existed in the past.