To make a start in beekeeping in Florida, it is suggested that the prospective beekeeper get, as his first equipment, not more than 10 colonies. Put 10 hives into the hands of some local beekeeper, paying him to put into each hive a first or prime swarm. When these have started work in their new homes they should be removed at once to the apiary of their new owner. As soon as the bees have covered all the frames of brood they can be divided, making 20 colonies at no further cost than that of the additional hives. This dividing and increasing can be continued until the de sired number is obtained.

Here is a list of the equipment required for a start on the plan described above: 20 single-walled two-story hives 20 hive-stands 50 pounds of medium brood foundation for frames of hives 2 one-pound spools of tinned wire for wiring foundation in frames. 1 spur wire imbedder 1 frame-wiring device 1 ten-inch hive-tool 2 gallons of good hive paint 1 standard-sized copper smoker 1 silk tulle bee-veil 1 pair of bee-gloves (perhaps) 1 book such as the A B C and X Y Z of Bee Culture. 1 year’s subscription to Gleanings in Bee Culture This equipment will cost not to exceed $250 at present (1921) prices, and the 10 swarms