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Common name:

European crab apple

Scientific name:

Malus sylvestris.

Other common name(s):

European crab apple, Common apple, Wild apple.

Life form:


Flowering time:

11 days.

Flowering period

in Connecticut for this plant is: MarchApril.

20 - 40 kilograms per ha


General distribution:

Crab apple thrives best in heavy, moist, well-drained soil and areas of scrub.

Map of distribution and habitat in USA

This plant is present in at least 4 states/provinces in this country.

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Botanical description:

One of the ancestors of the cultivated apple (of which there are more than 6,000 varieties), it can live to up to 100 years. Mature trees grow to around 10 m in height. They have an irregular, rounded shape and a wide, spreading canopy. With greyish brown, flecked bark, trees can become quite gnarled and twisted, especially when exposed, and the twigs often develop spines.

Seasonal development:

In spring, the sweetly scented blossom is pollinated by bees and other insects, which develops into small, yellow-green apple-like fruits, around 2-3 cm across. 

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