Terms of flowering honey plants in the USA and Canada

According to observations of naturalists and beekeepers.

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Scientific name:

Prunus fremontii

Common name(s):

Desert apricot.

Life form:

Tree, Shrub.

Flowering time:

no data.

Flowering period

in California for this plant is: FebruaryMarch.

No data


General distribution:

Desert apricot has little or no value to browsing animals. Tannic acids and cyanogenic glucosides in the leaves discourage consumption. Extrafloral nectaries attract a variety of insects, particularly wasps and ants, to the leaves. The presence of these insects further discourages browsing.

Map of distribution and habitat in USA

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Botanical description:

Desert apricot is a rigidly branched, native, deciduous shrub or small tree. It grows from 5 to 13 feet tall (1.5-4 m) and has glabrous, spine-tipped twigs. Leaves are round and 0.5 to 0.75 (1-2 cm) long. It bears a stone fruit which is 0.32 to 0.56 inches long (8-14 mm).

Seasonal development:

Desert apricot flowers from February to March.

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